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Partner Network

Our strong partner network creates innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Implementation Partners


Avaloq maintains the following partnership categories:

Global Partners – The alliances with Global Partners are covering implementation as well as post-implementation services on a global level. Typically services are delivered out of Competence Centres near or off-shore with a mix of local resources.

Implementation Partners When carrying out implementation projects, Avaloq customers can benefit from our network of long-time and reliable partners who are set apart by well-founded specialist knowledge in banking and technology and who have extensive practical experience in implementing Avaloq solutions.

Special Service Partners have special know-how related to banking and economic topics in the Avaloq environment



All Partners


Special Service Partner


Global Partner


Special Service Partner


Special Service Partner


Special Service Partner

GFT Financial Solutions

Implementation Partner


Global Partner


Associate Implementation Partner 

IBM Business Consulting

Global Partner


Implementation Partner


Premium Implementation Partner


Special Service Partner


Implementation Partner


Special Service Partner


Premium Implementation Partner


Implementation Partner


Special Service Partner


Associate Implementation Partner

Technology Partners

We work with our technology partners to integrate Avaloq solutions within our customers' system environments in a way that ensures optimum performance. Stability and innovation are central to these long-term partnerships so that we can keep our customers’ technology up-to-date and maximise their benefit on a solid foundation.

Hewlett Packard
Oracle Software
Red Hat

Software Partners


To ensure that the Avaloq Banking Suite operates reliably with the integrated third-party systems, Avaloq enters into partnerships with specialised, qualified providers of third-party systems. The overriding objective of these partnerships is to achieve a smooth interaction between the systems. Avaloq has developed three models for this:

Standard Adapter – Avaloq offers the adapter as an integrated component of Avaloq solutions and maintains a software partnership with the third-party system provider.

Certified Adapter The third-party system provider owns the Avaloq-certified adapter and offers it in the scope of a software partnership.

Integrated Solution
– Avaloq offers the complete solution fully integrated into the Avaloq Banking Suite.



Standard Adapter

IGTplusConnection to clearing and settlement systems (SWIFT, SIC, euroSIC, SECOM, etc.)
BearingPoint FiRe/ABACUS/DaVinciLegal reporting for Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Germany
Wolters Kluwer Financial ServicesDataFoundationLegal and regulatory reporting in various countries
IAZI/CIFI IAZIReal estate valuation
IBM MQ-WebSphereUniversal Messaging backbone
RSN CreditMasterCredit risk assessment
SIX Financial InformationapiDReal-time market data
Wüest + Partner Hedonic property valuation modelReal estate valuation
Certified Adapter
AIM Software GAINReference data management
Automic SoftwareAutomic Agent for AvaloqBusiness Automation
BBP Compliance Filter (CIF)Compliance filter
Bottomline TechnologiesGTExchangeFinancial messaging platform
Bucher + Suter b+s ApplicationLinkIntegration Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
Crealogix E-Banking CLX.E-Banking; CLX.ATM-ServerE-banking suite; transaction server for ATM
Glory Global SolutionsGloryIntegration of automatic teller cash recycler
IMPAQkdmonitorAnti Money Laundering (AML)
Monex Multi Trade Ticket Interface (MuTTI)FX/MM platform for post-trade processing
Oraïseavadapt(md)Reference data management
PMC Informatik dg hyparchive (DMS)Document management
Prema Twin/Single CashproIntegration of automatic teller cash recycler
Swiss Post Solutionsessencio proIntra LSV +
essencio proIntra Payments
essencio proIntra free forms
Scanning solutions for paper-based payment orders
Document scanning and validation
SunGardAmbit Focus, Ambit MARCORisk management, bank-wide control system
Swisscom IT Services Finance e-Services for AvaloqE-banking suite
targit GmbHtAMAMarkit Wire Connector (Central Clearing for OTC derivatives)
ti&m LeanSCAN
Avaloq Portal Components:
Cash Manager
Secure Data Exchange
Social Banking
OCR decentralised scanning
Avaloq Portal Components:
Enterprise Cash Manager
Secure electronic document exchange
Secure integrated chat functionality
Integration platform for social media functionality
Wincor NixdorfAva2CineoIntegration of automatic teller cash recycler
Integrated Solutions
Assentis Technologies Assentis:DocFamilyCustomer Communication Management
zebzeb.controlMIS - information, planning and analysis tools

Other Collaborations

Training Partners
OrbiumOfficial certified Avaloq Training Partner, Orbium, is accredited to offer technical and business related courses, making sure its clients have the know-how they need to implement, maintain and use the Avaloq Banking Suite efficiently in their business.
Other Collaborations
FDM GroupFDM Group, an international IT services company, provides IT skilled and Avaloq certified resources to support the growing Avaloq Community across Europe and Asia.